Combined Christmas Programme 2023

The combined Christmas celebration of the organisations of the CSI Parish, Sharjah, was back after the COVID Menace.

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The combined Christmas celebration of the organisations of the CSI Parish, Sharjah, which was held on Sunday, December 24th, turned out as a joyous and spiritually uplifting event. Mrs Aleyamma Jacob initiated the program with a heartfelt opening prayer, followed by a warm welcome from Mr Aby Jacob, the Churchwarden. Ms. Lyra and Ms. Annette set the tone with an enchanting opening song, setting the stage for a memorable event. Ms. Aksa and Ms. Doreen compered the programme.

Ms Saira Bijo beautifully read Psalms, paving the way for Vicar Rev. Sunil Raj Philip to share a meaningful Christmas message. The dedication to the Late Rex Varghese by his ex-Sunday school students added a touching and personal touch to the celebration.

The cultural programs organized by various groups showcased the diverse talents within the parish. The Youth chorus presented two melodious carol songs, complemented by an energetic Kolkali performance from the Almaya fellowship members. A poignant skit by the youth dedicated to mothers resonated with the sacrifices they make for their children, featuring an outstanding performance by Mrs Sonia Derrick and the team.

The Sunday school teachers and students presented a mesmerizing semiclassical dance to the songs “Yahova Na Mora” and “Uyirin Nadhane,” while the Women’s fellowship delivered a thought-provoking skit emphasizing our Christian calling to find and bring the lost sheep to the Lord. Mrs. Manju Gejo’s outstanding performance in the skit was particularly noteworthy.

The youth’s dance performance felt like angels dancing with joy, captivating the audience. The program concluded with energetic Christmas carol songs by the Almaya Fellowship and the youth movement. The arrival of Santa Claus added festive energy as the crowd enthusiastically joined in singing and dancing.

Mrs Simy Mathew, the program convenor and church secretary, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to everyone involved. The programme came to a close with the Vicar closing prayer and Benediction by Rev. Sunil Raj Philip, leaving the parishioners with a sense of joy and Christmas spirit.

Reported by: Anupama Subin
Programme convenor