Games, Fun and Laughter; Sunday School Picnic 2023

Sunday School Picnic 2023 of CSI Parish, Sharjah, made children thrilled with games, fun and laughter

A day the entire Sunday School looks forward to is our Picnic Day! This year, our picnic was held at Al Qusais Pond Park on Sunday, 12th November. Around 100 children participated from the age group ‘Balavakuppu’ to ‘Yuvavakuppu’. The bus ride to the park was spent munching on snacks and singing songs. We arrived at the park at noon and began playing games after settling the children and doing a headcount.

The game session was divided into two groups; Juniors and Seniors. Each group played several games like Toffee Counting, Caterpillar Balloon, and Lemon Spoon Race to name a few.

Then it was lunchtime, and everyone gathered to eat delicious food.

Then came everyone’s favourite game, Tug of War. Tug of War was enjoyed by people of all ages, including toddlers, teenagers and even teachers. Everyone wanted to prove their might even the young participants. What happened the next morning after Tug of War is a different story!

Some of the older boys and girls were able to play football and basketball on the designated courts.

Through a game, our Achen Rev. Sunil Raj Philip taught our children that we can win together without pulling each other down. Snacks and tea were served in the evening, and it was time to board the bus back home.

CSI, Mar Thoma Parishes in Sharjah Observe Unity Sunday at Mar Thoma Church