Sunday School Drawing & Colouring Competition 2023

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”- Pablo Picasso.

Every year, Sunday School students participate in a drawing and colouring competition as part of our mission to nurture each child’s inner artist. 

The Drawing and Colouring competition was held on November 19th, this year. There were 33 participants divided into Junior and Senior categories. 

Children arrived with their colouring supplies and the drive to outperform one another. It was a joy to witness these young minds painstakingly trying to imprint what was on their minds on paper. The competition lasted for one and a half hours.  

Our vicar proposes the drawing theme each year, and this year was no exception. The suggested theme was “The baby in the manger: the fulfilment of the greatest promise to humankind” based on the Gospel of Luke 2: 11, 12. 

The paintings were judged by Ms. Annie George. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Stella Maris in Chennai and currently works as an art teacher at Our Own English High School, Sharjah. The winners were chosen on the very same day. 

Michelle Liz Jacob took first place and Joash Varghese Joseph took second place in the Junior category. In the Senior category, Aamy Rachel Abraham took home the first prize and Joann Elen Joe took the second prize. 

The winners received the trophies with the certificates from our Achen, Rev. Sunil Raj Philip, on the 26th of November 2023 during the divine worship service. 

It would be apt to end this news story with a Tim Burton quote: “Drawing is an exercise for a restless imagination.”

Sunday School Drawing & Colouring Competition 2023