Sunday School Graduation Ceremony 2022

Sunday School Graduation Ceremony 2022 Held in the Church

A graduation ceremony was conducted on 8 January 2023, by Rev. Binoy M Tharian, for our outgoing students – 2022 as a part of implementing the new curriculum introduced by the Christian Education Department of CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese. Under the new curriculum, we have classes starting from Nursery to Yuvavakuppu II i.e. from 3 to 16 years. Students who complete Yuvavakuppu II, have completed the 14 year course of Sunday School.

By conducting graduation ceremony, we are reaffirming and dedicating them in Christ name to face the world bravely. The attendance and visible support of the congregation during this ceremony conveyed aloud and clear to our children that they’re important and play a major role in the church and in God’s kingdom. This occasion was also graced by Rev. Jacob Thomas, Evangelical Church, Doha. The 2022 graduates are:
1. Arlene Susan Varghese
2. Aarroan Praveen Poyyail
3. Anju Sara Varghese
4. Ashika Mary John
5. Ashish John
6. Angela Ann Varghese
7. Acsha Ann Mathew
8. Doreen Sara Derrick
9. Linnet Ranjith Leslie
10. Sam Gee George
11. Sanju Thomas Abraham

Sunday School Graduation Ceremony 2022 Held in the Church in January